My name is Thomas Ullman. I'm a high school student attending Marin Academy in San Rafael, California. I'm also an opinion journalist. I'm a contributor to The American Spectator and the Foundation for Economic Education and have been published in numerous other publications ranging from magazines to think tanks.

My articles have a wide audience, from adolescents trying to make sense of an ever-complicating political climate to elders who simply want to understand the nature of the generations that will succeed them. As such, they are not just geared toward Americans, but to individuals all around the globe. In France, the political journal Contrepoints published my work and took my message to a Francophone audience, the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do Povo delivered my writing to thousands of Lusophones worldwide and The Times of Israel brought words of mine to Israelis and Jews in Israel and elsewhere.

Most of my articles are focused on the effects of different policies on youth and events in the Jewish world.

This website acts as an archive for all of my published articles.

Happy reading!

- Thomas

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